NYC Urban Soils Institute + Art Extension Service

Recognizing the power of art to make abstract ideas visible and accessible, the Urban Soils Institute added an Art Extension Service in 2018. The AES brings together artists, scientists, and educators to create collaborative public art projects through residencies, symposia, and exhibitions in the United States and abroad.

The goals of the Art Extension Service:

  • Provide opportunities for artists and soil scientists to explore common interests and passions

  • Engender stewardship of our soil and ecology

  • Create an interactive community of scientists, artists, and citizens

  • Promote soils education through fun, accessible, complex, poetic and unexpected means

Directed by Margaret Boozer, Dr. Edward R. Landa, Claire Huschle and Makalé Cullen, with Candace Thompson, J.J. McCracken, Siobhan Rigg, Dr. Scott Larson, Raina Martens, USI Director Tatiana Morin, and counsel/ artist Peter Sprung.

NYC Urban Soils Institute
Art Extension Service


Artist's notes

The AES was born in February 2018 at Red Dirt Studio, in conversation with Urban Soils Institute’s Director, Tatiana Morin.

Founding members of AES are Margaret Boozer (Director), Claire Huschle (Co-Director), J.J. McCracken, Raina Martens, Siobhan Rigg, Scott Larson, and Peter Sprung.