2014 Frost Weathering

Artist's notes

A site-specific work for Brentwood Arts Exchange, Brentwood, MD.  This installation of fired local clay on a steel truss shelf is designed to be a slow-moving geologic performance. Over the span of 50-100 years (and beyond), this piece will be altered through freezing and thawing. A thin white porcelain vein, running the length of the work, bisects the red strata and forms the point of origin for stress fractures. Cracks will form; larger sections will break down into smaller parts, but generally will stay in place. The generously proportioned ledge will safely contain any pieces that may dislodge from the mass. The work is designed to take advantage of multiple viewing angles, from above grade and below grade. Size to be determined, but commensurate with site rendering.

The locally sourced clay is intended to provide sense of place. The extremely long time frame of the “performance” is meant to focus the viewer’s attention on what is happening in the moment, and to encourage the viewer to take a long view of anticipated future occurrences. It is meant to invite contemplation of natural degradation as a beautiful occurrence.