2024 Dig Deeper exhibition (Troy, NY)

Dig Deeper: [some] Art, Science and History of Troy Clay
September 27-November 16, 2024
Art Center of the Capital Region
265 River St, Troy, NY 12180

A group of artists share their work, research and questions using Troy clay as the central organizing material, with help from soil scientists, historians, engineers, curators, geologists, potters, a museum, a glaze chemist, other artists and more in this meandering exhibition.

You’ll see work on Uncle Sam’s brickyard, glacial Lake Albany, 3-D clay printed historic buildings, the Hudson soil profile, and an invitational pottery show called Little Brown Jug, featuring a local cousin of Albany Slip (a discontinued slip glaze central to Colonial American ceramics for over 100 years).

We are excited to connect with the New York State Museum and Chief Curator Jennifer Lemak for historic examples of Albany slip from the Museum’s Weitsman Collection. Dr. Lemak together with potter and former Studio Potter editor Mary Barringer will be our jurors for Little Brown Jug, selecting some pots at the end of the exhibition to travel back to the museum to be shown alongside their historic relatives.

The exhibit aims for an arts integration experience along multiple disciplines, sparking curiosity through tangible, accessible clay, and includes spaces to collect your experience and knowledge of Troy clay.

The Dig Deeper exhibit will include a range of programming (in-person and online) for both professional and recreational audiences including opportunities to discuss ceramic history, to experiment with glaze chemistry, to make some pots, to learn some soil science, and to explore our relationships to soil and land. 

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Margaret Boozer (MD),
Robilee McIntyre and Bianca Dupuis of Broken Mold Studio (Troy, NY)
Claire Sherwood (Troy, NY)

Artist's notes