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Red Dirt bought a firehouse! We bought the building in September 2014, moved in April 2015, and had our Grand Opening in November 2015. We are so grateful for the community fundraising effort toward our renovation. Come visit and see your donations at work!

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Red Dirt Studio for Fall 2016:

Margaret Boozer, Director
JJ McCracken, Co-Director
Leslie Holt, Co-Director

Lorenzo Cardim
Mike Corigliano
Rex Delafkaran
Nehemiah Dixon, III
Bob Donahue (sabbatical)
Jodi Ferrier
Jeremy Flick
Gayle Friedman
Melissa Glasser
Jeff Herrity

Claire Huschle
Mariko Iwata
Emily Liddle
Kirsty Little
Tansy Matthews
Scot McKenzie
Tim McLoraine
Philip Mecham
Diana N'Diaye
Andre Pellerin
Peggy Reichard
Siobhan Rigg
Christopher Romer

Marita Roos
Robin Schaefer
Steve Simpson (sabbatical)
Ganef Soekoro
Peter Sprung
Travis J. Wagner (sabbatical)
Whitney Waller
Julia Walther
and Dan the Bike Man~

Red Dirt is a warehouse studio for a small group of independently practicing artists and creative professionals, from fresh out of school to nationally known.  We share resources, offer critical feedback and push each other toward greater professionalism in our work. It’s a space for projects, ideas and community exchange. There's an incredible variety of style, approach and media with a shared commitment to serious work.  We encourage artists to partner with local businesses and organizations, to find ways that artists can help the community and the community can help artists.

At its core, Red Dirt is about what can happen when talented, smart and curious people come together and work toward greater accomplishment in their professional practice. It’s about drawing on the resources of artistic community and giving back.

4051 34th Street, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712

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For application, please email Margaret Boozer.

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Fundraiser Pics, 9/27/14