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Red Dirt is buying a FIREHOUSE!

Join us for the fundraiser + party
Saturday, Sept. 27, 4-10pm
4051 34th Street, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712


Red Dirt Studio for Fall 2014:

Margaret Boozer, director
JJ McCracken, co-director

Josh Araujo
Monica Jahan Bose
James Cole
Mike Corigliano
Jeff Harrity
Leslie Holt

Kirsty Little
Philip Mecham
Diana N'Diaye
Andre Pellerin
Peggy Reichard
Siobhan Rigg
Christopher Romer

Robin Schaefer
Travis J. Wagner

Red Dirt Studio is a graduate art program without grades. It’s a sculpture studio with a taste for ceramics. It is an artisan design and production shop. It’s a collective work environment with shared resources. It’s a critique group, a business-of-art incubator and a site for visiting artist workshops. At its core, Red Dirt is about what can happen when talented, smart and curious people come together and work toward greater accomplishment in their professional practice. It’s about drawing on the resources of artistic community, and at the same time giving back.

3706-08 Otis Street, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712

Check out our Red Dirt Studio Facebook page.

For application, please email Margaret Boozer.

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