Margaret Boozer

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Dirt of the Day
13 June 2007



Purple Dirt Drawing (for Emlyn), 2007
Purple and gray Stancill clays
96” x 96” x 6”



My one-day installation last week at Herman Miller...

A day at the mine selecting and hauling the clays; two days of designing, tamping, sorting, revising and packing; a day of delivery and installation; a day of photographing and clean-up...all in all, a week’s worth of attention NOT spent on projects that could actually be sold.   

Dumping buckets of five million year-old clay on the showroom floor and asking for serious consideration in a show called Contemporary Art and Modern Design...priceless.


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I’m doing a dirt drawing on the floor at Herman Miller
Design in DC next week, but I’m all out of good dirt!

So I called up my friend Emlyn and asked if Stancills
had any nice purple clay in stock.

Perfect timing, she said... Jonesy had just dug some up.